I give my express written permission to be contacted by automated email, text, and phone call regarding my appointment and future promotions. I understand that I can update my communication preferences by contacting the spa or responding to text and email.

I understand that services may be performed by independent contractors, and I hold J Sterling’s harmless and release them from any liability arising from the services provided. Payment is due once service is rendered. Any reschedules or cancellations initiated by client before 24 hrs of appointment time also results in full service charge.

Massage Services:
I understand that the massage/bodywork treatment I receive is provided for the basic purpose of relaxation and relief of muscular tension. If I experience any pain or discomfort during this session, I will immediately inform the practitioner so the treatment, pressure, and/or strokes may be adjusted to my level of comfort.

I further understand that massage or bodywork should not be compared as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment and that I should see a physician, chiropractor, or other qualified medical specialist for any mental or physical ailment or illness, and the nothing said in the course of the session should be construed as such.

Because massage/bodywork should not be performed under certain medical conditions, I affirm that I have stated all my known medical conditions honestly to the therapist. I agree to keep the practitioner updated as to any changes in my medical profile and understand that there shall be no liability on the practitioner’s part should I failed to do so. I also understand that any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks, or advances made by me will result in immediate termination of the session, and I will be liable for payment of the scheduled appointment.

Skincare Services:
I give consent to receive treatment at J Sterling’s. I understand I will be receiving a professional service from a licensed skincare specialist. I will provide my skincare specialist with as much background as possible to assure I will receive maximum results.

I understand that any esthetician at J Sterling’s will not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder. I also agree there will be no liability on the Practitioner’s part or J Sterling’s for any services rendered.

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