Luxurious Couples Massage

Couples Massage in Orlando, FL

Relax Together With Your Loved One

Some couples enjoy being together every minute of the day; some prefer each going their own way. Either way, a romantic couples massage is always an amazing experience.

For some couples, it is a regular monthly regime, for others, it may be an occasional event. Sometimes it is for a big event like a wedding or anniversary, or simply having an entertaining event to get out of the busy life. It might be a reminder that, even with the arrival of a new baby or with the departure of a new graduate, time spent together is still important.

Choosing the Massage for Couples

Both partners might want the same type of massage. Or one might like harder pressure, while the other prefers something a little softer. At J Sterling’s, our professional therapists will discuss massage options with you before starting your session so they know exactly what you want from your experience.

There are numerous choices available for a romantic couples massage, but some of the most popular choices include:

  • Swedish Massage – the most common massage in America features light to medium pressure to promote flexibility and relaxation through gentle movements that correspond to the grain of your muscles
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy – features deeper pressure across the grain of your muscles in order to break up knots and tissue adhesions that may create stiffness or pain
  • Cranial Sacral Massage — a gentle technique known to provide relief for headaches by focusing on the head, neck, and shoulders
  • Hot Stone Massage – decreases muscle spasms and encourages deeper muscle relaxation with smooth, heated stones placed in key areas on your body
  • Sports Massage Therapy – decreases muscle soreness before and after any type of exercise, and can be focused on a particular area of your body
  • Trigger Point Therapy – addresses areas that receive referred sensations from a stressed part of the body, and often decreases pain after just one session

Enhancing the Romance

Swedish (or Relaxation) massage for both persons is included. You can easily upgrade to other massage types when you book the appointment, when you check-in, or even during the session.

A romantic couples massage can easily be upgraded with the addition of AromaTherapy. While each of the blends offered at J Sterling’s has its own therapeutic purpose, requesting one of these Enhanced Therapies can make your getaway more memorable. AromaTherapy uses essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits to naturally enhance well-being. You can choose from our beneficial blends to be added on the day of your massage:

  • Lavender — promotes restful sleep and calms the mind and reduce inflammation
  • Peppermint — increases circulation and enlivens both the mind and body
  • Lemon — eases irritability, apprehension or nervousness to make relaxation easier

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